Cowabunga is the new kid in school (rumour has it they burned down the auditorium at the last school and had to gap it).

 Proudly situated on the Auckland Craft Beer Mile in Morningside, we're here to turn heads and throw some rad new beers into the mix. Check our our range and ask for us where all good beers are sold. 


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Made With Hopes

and Dreams

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This award winning beer ain’t your typical pale ale. The rye we’ve added really cranks things up. Like going from an ollie to a kickflip, things get... more complex but infinitely more RADICAL. Take off the knee pads and give it a go!

HOPS: Columbus, Simcoe

MALTS: American Ale, Rye, Dark Crystal, Med Crystal, Wheat


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They said, “You can’t do a 900 on a skateboard.” They said, “The internet won’t take off.” They said, “You can’t drink dark beer in summer.” We love defying expectations, so we've taken our favourite things about dark beer, the coffee and chocolate flavours, and brewed them into something a little less daunting.  A porter for the middle of January.

HOPS: Simcoe, Taiheke

MALTS: Gladfield Ale, Roasted Barley, Light Chocolate, Dark Crystal


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Jumping the Springfield Gorge on a skateboard is pretty GNARLY but so is breaking your leg in five places. This beer goes down smooth either way. Everything we have funneled into this classic IPA comes straight from Aotearoa. We think that's pretty gnarly too. 

HOPS: Taiheke, Riwaka, Wai-Iti

MALTS: American Ale, Med Crystal, Wheat


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You would never hear us describe ourselves as bold and audacious, so we’ll let this beer do the talking for us: “I’m a tasty little drop, and I didn’t come here to f**k spiders. Plus! At only 3% I give you the chance to check me out again later in the day. Trust me, you’ll want to.” 

HOPS: Citra, Simcoe

MALTS: American Ale, Munich, Gladiator


Tap Room Coming Soon


Our Brewery is located at

11 McDonald Street, Morningside, Auckland.

Stay tuned to our socials for when our Tap room is up and running!

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